Alabama is the location of several power events that shaped American history, as well as the birthplace of many notable figures including Hank Aaron, George Washington Carver, Nat King Cole, Hellen Keller, and Harper Lee. The region was initially explored by the Spanish in the 1500s and eventually passed through the hands of French and British rule until being ceded to the US after the American Revolution. In 1861, the Confederacy was official formed in Montgomery. Years later, it would be the location of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott that was pivotal in the civil rights movement. The state’s economy is run on manufacturing and agriculture, which among other things produce paper, metals, chemicals, rubber, poultry, soybeans, milk, and corn. Alabama is ideal for the small business owner looking for an inexpensive start due to its cheap land and low labor costs.

Industry Stats

  • There are more tire builders than clergy and more loggers than optometrists in Alabama.

  • Out of the 1.92 million people in the workforce in Alabama, 6.5% of them—almost 125,000 people—work in restaurants and food service.

  • Engaged couples in Alabama spent an average of $124 on reception menus in 2015.

  • More people work in carpet and rug mills than liquor stores in this state.

  • Out of 38,121 weddings, only 31,259 of them bought wedding bands.

  • There is only one dentist for every 45 people living in Alabama.

Alabama is a great place for businesses that are just starting out for its low cost of living and low state taxes. Additionally, these incentives mean that Alabama has several large manufacturing plants that can reduce the cost of production depending on your business.

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