Colorado has the highest average elevation of any state. The Rocky Mountains cover most of the state, with Pike’s Peak being the largest mountain in the state. Colorado was acquired by the United States in three separate pieces: the eastern part of Colorado was bought with the Louisiana Purchase; the middle was acquired when Texas joined the United States; and the west was taken during the Mexican War. When Colorado was first settled, its economy was primarily mining and agriculture, but it has since moved away from these origins and now generates its income through service industries and manufacturing. Tourism is also a large staple of Colorado’s economy due to its prime skiing opportunities, beautiful landscapes, and the legalization of recreational marijuana. Now is a great time to own a small business in Colorado due to its booming economic activity in the tech and cannabis industries and moderate tax policies.

Industry Stats

  • Colorado has 12,485 people serving in the US Air Force and 17,266 in the US Army. Together, these make up 1.2% of its workforce.

  • Of 37,756 weddings, 31,715 of them used save-the-date cards and couples spent an average of $111 on these.

  • There are more social workers than clergy and more dishwashers than firefighters in Colorado.

  • 51,494 people work in computer system designs in this state.

  • Colorado has twice as many real estate agents as lawyers.

  • Couples spent an average of $2,336 on drinks at their weddings.

Colorado is a great place for small businesses due to its growing economy and wealth of technical professionals, as well as its role as the region's communications and transportation hub. Taxes are also affordable and property values continue to rise.

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