Washington DC

Washington DC


Washington DC, the capital of the United States, officially became the seat of the government on December 1, 1800. Nestled between Virginia and Maryland on the historic Potomac River, the city was partially planned by French engineer Major Pierre Charles L'Enfant and finished by Major Andrew Ellicott and Benjamin Banneker. Washington DC is home to the nation's most iconic monuments and buildings, some of which include the White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institutions, and the Lincoln Memorial. Unsurprisingly, the federal government holds 29% of jobs in Washington DC, which protects the area from harsh economic fluctuations. Tourism is the second largest industry with over 20 million visitors in the past year. Washington DC is a center for diplomatic relations and hosts over 200 foreign embassies and international organizations. It is also known for its role in national and international media, and its local daily newspaper, The Washington Post, boasts the sixth-highest readership in the country.

Industry Stats

  • Unsurprisingly, only 98 people work on farms in Washington DC.

  • Washington DC has nearly eight times as many artists and designers as mechanics.

  • Of the 658,893 people living here, 23,870 or almost 7% of them are lawyers.

  • Washington DC couples spent a combined $73,609,830 on the 2,133 weddings that were held in 2015.

  • In DC, lawyers earn on average over $120,000 more than doctors and surgeons annually.

  • Only 107 of those 2,133 weddings chose not to hire a wedding DJ.

Washington DC is an excellent place to run a local business due to its financial stability and large metropolitan economy. Fast-growing, diversified industries are common to the area thanks to its skilled workforce and high density of consumers with disposable income.

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Washington DC