Hawaii is the birthplace of President Barack Obama, and it was the most recent state to join the US, joining in 1959. It is one of only three states that were formerly independent nations before joining the US. Hawaii consists of an island chain of eight major islands that stretch over 1,523 miles in the Pacific Ocean and hosts the largest volcanic mountain in the world by volume, Mauna Loa. It is home to two beautiful national parks, and agriculture is a major factor in the state’s economy. The mild climate is perfect for cane sugar, pineapples, flowers, coffee beans, and bananas, among other products. Hawaii is an excellent vacation site with its warm beaches and scenic oceans, and, unsurprisingly, tourism is the state’s largest source of income. Hawaii is a good choice for small businesses in the tourism trade or owners looking for a scenic work environment.

Industry Stats

  • The US military makes up a huge portion of Hawaii’s workforce. Almost 6% of Hawaii’s workforce is a member of the US military.

  • The average spent on a wedding cake in Hawaii in 2015 was $530.

  • There are more childcare workers than bartenders in Hawaii.

  • There is only one dentist for ever 83 people in Hawaii.

  • Almost $6 million was spent on wedding invitation cards in 2015.

  • 5.3% of Hawaii’s workforce is in traveler accommodation—more than 34,000 people.

Hawaii is one of the best places to live for its mild climate and serene environment. The number of knowledge worker services is staggering, and you should look no further if you’re involved in the tourism industry.

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