Although Idaho is only the 14th largest state, it is bigger than all of New England combined. Idaho is known as the “Gem State” because of its mountainous terrain and expansive mining industry. Not surprisingly, Idaho’s economy is greatly influenced by its mining industry, and it ranks high among the states for its mined silver, antimony, cobalt, and garnet. Agriculture is another major industry in Idaho; the state produces a quarter of the nation’s potato crop. Tourism has also increased in recent years due to Idaho’s numerous fishing, camping, boating, and hunting sites. The state is home to several recreational points of interest including Craters of the Moon National Park, the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, Hells Canyon, and Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Idaho is a good place for small businesses due to its favorable tax regulations and large swathes of empty land.

Industry Stats

  • There are about twice as many clergy members as dentists in this state.

  • Almost $14 million was spent on wedding dresses in Idaho last year.

  • There are only 4,585 carpenters for the state’s 469,645 households. That’s over 100 houses for each carpenter to service.

  • Almost 4% of Idaho’s workforce is in the farming or animal production business.

  • Couples in Idaho spent an average of $516 on their rehearsal dinners in 2015.

  • There are about as many hairdressers as their are police officers in Idaho.

Idaho is a great place to live if you value the expansive, mountainous outdoors. In addition, favorable tax regulations makes the state a good place to start and maintain a small business.

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