Illinois, "The Prairie State”, is best known for its sweeping corn fields and Chicago’s deep dish pizza. It has been home to Ray Bradbury, Hillary Clinton, Miles Davis, Walt Disney, Ernest Hemingway, and Oprah Winfrey. It was where Abraham Lincoln rose from a simple farmer to the president of the United States. It holds the distinction of being the second flattest state in the US, second only to Florida’s low-lying coastal plains. Illinois's main production areas consist of manufacturing, coal mining, agriculture, and oil production. The state is a leading producer of soybeans, corn, and hogs. Its proximity to the Great Lakes makes the state a natural hub for transportation and communication. Illinois is a great place for small business owners to reside due to Chicago’s diverse market and educated labor force.

Industry Stats

  • More people work in bowling centers than barber shops in Illinois.

  • There are only 673 podiatrists for the state’s 13 million residents. This ratio is unusually low.

  • Couples spent an average of $91 on their wedding thank you cards in 2015.

  • Illinois has 28,349 electricians for almost five million households. That’s around 180 houses for each electrician to service.

  • Out of 73 thousand weddings in 2015, only 15 thousand hired a full-time consultant.

  • More people produce candy than tires in this state.

Illinois is one of the best places to live to take advantage of Chicago’s skilled labor force, diverse market, and strong transportation networks. If you need to quickly ship your product to the lower 48 states, hire affordable but skilled labor, or tap into a multicultural market, than look no further than Illinois.

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