Missouri was one of 14 states bought as part of the massive Louisiana Purchase in 1803. The land was officially formed as the state of Missouri in 1820 following the Missouri Compromise. The state draws hundreds of thousands of visitors yearly to a number of its points of interest, such as the country music shows of Branson, the Gateway Arch of St. Louis, Mark Twain’s boyhood home, and the Harry Truman home and library. It has also been home to a number of notable figures including Walter Cronkite, T.S. Eliot, and Langston Hughes. Missouri’s economy is highly diversified, but a few major players are at the center of its service industries: travel, wholesale and retail, manufacturing, and agriculture. Because of this, Missouri is a good place for small businesses that are trying to expand to multiple markets at the same time or want to avoid specialization.

Industry Stats

  • A staggering 173,701 people work in the food services business. That’s 6.6% of Missouri’s workforce.

  • An average of $215 was spent on wedding favors in 2015 in Missouri.

  • More people work in religious organizations than gas stations in this state.

  • There is only one dentist for every 54 people in this state.

  • In Missouri, couples spent more on their wedding bands than the wedding dress last year.

  • There are more environmental engineers than barbers in Missouri.

Missouri has a low cost of living and, thus, a low overhead for small businesses just starting out. The state also has friendly taxes and regulations. That, combined with a strong community support system, will help your business achieve sustained growth after its initial success.

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