The land that forms Nebraska was originally acquired by the US as part of the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. It didn’t officially become a state until 1867. Its landscape is primarily plains, which makes it a perfect site for farmland and pastures. Unsurprisingly, Nebraska is a leading grain producer with bumper crops of sorghum, corn, and wheat, and its extensive cattle and hog industries make the state one of the largest meat-packing centers in the US. Notable Nebraskans include Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, Warren Buffett, Johnny Carson, Gerald Ford, and Malcolm X. Nebraska is the only state in the US that has a unicameral legislature instead of bipartisan. State officials are elected without party designation. Nebraska is a good choice for small business owners starting out and looking to expand due to the state’s low hiring costs and reasonable taxes.

Industry Stats

  • Despite Nebraska’s focus on farming, the state actually has more people working in the rail transportation business than on farms.

  • On average, almost three times as much was spent on engagement rings as was spent on wedding dresses in this state.

  • Nebraska’s largest manufacturing industry is animal slaughtering, which holds 2.4% of the state’s total workforce.

  • The state only has 210 registered barbers for its 1.8 million people.

  • Couples in Nebraska spent a combined $4 million on wedding cakes last year.

  • Nebraska has twice as many cashiers as farmers.

Nebraska is a good place to start a small business due to its low cost of hiring new employees, favorable licensing regulations, lenient zoning regulations, and strong public training programs.

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