New Mexico

New Mexico


Much of New Mexico was acquired by the US at the end of the Mexican War, and the remainder was bought as part of the Gadsden Purchase of 1853. Contrary to popular belief, New Mexico was not named after Mexico. The former was named in 1581 by Spanish explorers after a group of Aztec peoples, the Mexica. Mexico wasn’t named until its independence in 1821, although it also got its name from the Mexica. Native American conflicts remained in the area until the end of the Apache Wars in 1886. Today, the state is a leader in alternative energy research and development, which is based heavily around Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory with a focus on nuclear, solar, and geothermal power. Because of its cheap land, New Mexico is a good place to start a small business for those looking to expand in the area without needing much investment capital.

Industry Stats

  • New Mexico has more pumping station operators than telemarketers.

  • An average of $95 was spent on tuxedos and accessories for weddings last year. This is slightly below the national average of $101.

  • There are 59,505 people in the restaurant business in New Mexico. That makes up more than 7% of the state’s total workforce.

  • There are only 6,320 electricians in the entire state. That’s over 120 houses for each electrician to service.

  • An average of $81 was spent on flower girl petals for weddings in 2015.

  • The state has more US Air Force members than accountants.

New Mexico has strong health and safety regulations and friendly environmental regulations. Combined with its public networking programs and friendliness towards independent professionals, the state is a strong choice for small businesses.

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