The landmass of Oregon is defined by two major rivers: the Columbia River to the north and the Snake River to the east. The state is the ninth largest in the United States, despite the fact that it less than half the size of Texas. Oregon was the 33rd state to be added to the Union in 1859. The landscape is incredibly diverse, with a beautiful Pacific coastline, mountainous cascading ranges, dense forests, deserts, shrublands, and Crater Lake,the deepest lake in the US. The state lead the US in the production of peppermint oil, Christmas trees, and lumber in general. Oregon generates massive amounts of hydroelectricity through dams, which facilitates steady development as a manufacturing state and leader in alternative energy. Oregon is a great environment to start or expand small businesses due to its environment and prospering economy.

Industry Stats

  • More people work in the electronic manufacturing business in Oregon than in insurance companies.

  • 74,680 people work in hospitals in this state. That accounts for about 4.6% of Oregon’s workforce.

  • An average of $3,725 was spent on engagement rings in Oregon in 2015. This is about $400 above the national average.

  • Despite farming being a large source of income for Oregon, more people work in justice and public safety than at farms.

  • There are only 4,398 plumbers in the entire state of Oregon. Each plumber has to service an average of 340 houses.

  • For weddings in 2015 in Oregon, couples spent around four times as much on food service as they did on the wedding dress.

The culture of Oregon is a small business’s greatest asset. The buy local movement among Portland residents and Oregon at large is a boon to any growing business. Combined with a growing population and a healthy economy, you have a perfect cocktail for startup success.

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