Rhode Island

Rhode Island


Rhode Island has the privilege of being the smallest of all the 50 states. It was originally settled in 1638 by Roger Williams after he was exiled from Massachusetts for his religious beliefs. The area was designed as a safe haven for religious expression and was distinguished as a site for freedom of thought. Today, it is highly industrialized, and produces jewelry, electronics, metal, and plastics. Galilee and Newport are both big fishing ports, and its rural areas support small-scale farming. Tourism is a major source of income for Rhode Island given its key location and Atlantic beaches. Rhode Island has the tools required for small businesses to grow with its networking programs and proximity to large Northeast markets.

Industry Stats

  • There are only 2,500 police officers in the entire state of Rhode Island.

  • More people work in pharmacies than department stores.

  • The 6,738 Rhode Island weddings held in 2015 cost couples over $230 million.

  • There are twice as many insurance agents as people who work in a legal field in this state.

  • There are only 3,500 mechanics for the state’s 481,000 vehicles. Each mechanic has to service over 130 vehicles.

  • Rhode Island couples spent an average of $199 on bridesmaid’s bouquets in 2015.

Rhode Island is a good place for small businesses due to its low cost of hiring new employees and top-notch public benefit programs. The state also has a strong networking presence that will be beneficial to most businesses trying to create a customer base in the area.

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