South Carolina

South Carolina


South Carolina was officially separated from North Carolina in 1729. It is known as the forerunner of the Confederate movement during the Civil War. It was the first state to secede from the Union; it was the first state to ratify the Articles of the Constitution, and it instigated the Civil War when South Carolina troops fired upon Fort Sumter. In origins, South Carolina was a primarily agricultural state, but that industry has been passed in recent years by its booming textile production. The state is still a major producer of peaches, corn, turkeys, and cattle and home to one of only two commercial tea plantations in the US. Some notable residents and former residents of South Carolina include fighter Joe Frazier, President Andrew Jackson, civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, singer Eartha Kitt, and actress Mary-Louise Parker. South Carolina offers a robust small business development center which provides support and resources for entrepreneurs in the area.

Industry Stats

  • More people work in child day care services than car dealerships in this state.

  • Architectural engineers are the most common type of professional in South Carolina.

  • Only about one couple in six throughout South Carolina hired a full service planner for their wedding last year.

  • There are almost five times as many elementary school teachers as police officers in South Carolina.

  • South Carolina couples spent a combined $40 million on wedding dresses in 2015.

  • There are more registered nurses than janitors in this state.

South Carolina has a wealth of opportunity for small business owners. Cost of hiring new employees is low, and it has friendly health, safety, environmental and employment regulations for businesses just starting out.

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