Texas is the largest of the lower 48 states, boasting a landmass of over 250,000 square miles. It is almost twice as large as California and 50 times larger than Connecticut. The state is also the second most populous state in America and holds six of the top twenty most densely populated cities. Texas was one of the few US states that was formerly an independent nation, which it became after the Texas Revolution and the famous Battle of the Alamo. Texas is well known for its rich oil fields and booming mining industry. Texas is a great market for expanding small businesses that require more space due to its untapped land mass and large population.

Industry Stats

  • Texas only has 4,897 barbers for its population of over 26 million. That’s over five thousand heads of hair for every barber to cut.

  • Couples in Texas spent over 12 million dollars on flower petals for weddings in 2015.

  • The state only has 53,497 plumbers for its 9.3 million households.

  • Texas has more people working in mining than department stores and more US Army members than farmers.

  • The state has 146,568 truck drivers, making up 1.3% of its workforce.

  • On average, couples spent over $400 on wedding cake and dessert options at their wedding.

Texas is a great place to live due to its substantial mining industry and large swathes of empty land. Everything’s bigger in Texas; what Texas lacks in diversity, it makes up for in the unparalleled size of its consumer market. You can be confident that you will get the space you need to run your business.

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