The land of Vermont was claimed for France in 1609 and was lost to the British after the French and Indian Wars. The "Green Mountain Boys," first organized to drive settlers from New York out of Vermont, was infamous in the Revolutionary War for capturing Fort Ticonderoga from the British. The state is the national leader in the production of monument granite and a leader in the production of talc. Agriculture in Vermont is primarily focused on dairy products and orchards due to its rugged and rocky terrain being unsuitable for traditional farms. That same rugged terrain gives Vermont a strong tourism presence in the Northeast. The state has many famous skiing areas that substantially boost its economy. Vermont is also a pioneer in gay rights. It was the first state to legalize same-sex civil unions, and the fourth state to legalize gay marriage. Vermont is a safe choice for small businesses due to its startup friendly culture and stable economy.

Industry Stats

  • Three times as many people work in grocery stores in Vermont as in banking.

  • More people work at physician's offices than religious organizations in this state.

  • Vermont couples spent a total of $6.5 million on wedding dresses in 2015.

  • There are more bartenders than jailers and twice as many carpenters as electricians in this state.

  • There are only 1,015 plumbers for the state’s 257,229 households. Each plumber has to service 253 houses.

  • The average spent on an engagement ring in Vermont is $3,945

Vermont is a good location for small business owners due to its entrepreneurial culture and solid economy. Vermont citizens "get" small businesses, and adamantly support them with networking and preferential buying. The challenges will be in competition rather than lack of wealth.

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