Wisconsin was first settled by the French near Green Bay in the mid-1600s. Great Britain obtained the area during the close of the French and Indian Wars in 1763, and the US took control of it immediately following the Revolutionary War. Wisconsin officially became part of the Union in 1848 as the 30th state. It is a leading state in milk and cheese production. Other important agricultural products are peas, beans, corn, and potatoes. Wisconsin also is first in paper production, and some of its key industrial products include automobiles, furniture, machinery, beer, and processed foods. Wisconsin is a national leader in social legislation, providing pensions to the blind, aid to dependent children, and old age assistance. The state is a good place for small business owners starting out or looking to expand to an area with a healthy economy and a strong manufacturing industry.

Industry Stats

  • There are more registered nurses in Wisconsin than janitors.

  • Wisconsin couples spent over $18 million hiring DJs for their wedding in 2015.

  • Over 42 thousand people work in public safety in this state.

  • There is only one dentist for every 63 people in this state.

  • Couples, on average, spent $200 on their wedding officiator in this state.

  • Despite Wisconsin being known for its dairy and cheese industry, more people work producing machinery than dairy products in this state.

Wisconsin has a strong manufacturing industry and a healthy economy that speaks well for any business within its borders. The state also has extensive support for startups and a small business-friendly community to go along with it.

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