The US acquired the land making up Wyoming as part of the Louisiana Purchase from the French in 1803. Robert Stuart pioneered the Oregon Trail through Wyoming in 1812, opening up the West to US settlement. Wyoming has spearheaded women’s civil rights, and Wyoming women were the first in the US to be able to vote when the state was officially founded in 1869. Mrs. Nellie Tayloe Ross became the first female governor in the United States in 1925. Second in average elevation, Wyoming’s landscape, with its high mountain ranges and flat plains, is a perfect site for farming and extensive mining. Wyoming is the leading coal producer among the states and is a leading producer of sheep and wool. The state is a great place for small businesses that are looking for natural geographical beauty but want somewhere with a lower cost of living than Colorado.

Industry Stats

  • More people work in support activities for mining than hospitals in Wyoming.

  • Only 4,441 weddings were held in Wyoming in 2015, but they cost a combined $118 million.

  • There is only one primary care physician for every 67 people in this state.

  • Twice as many people work as coal miners as do in grocery stores.

  • The average Wyoming couples spent on a wedding photographer last year was $1,636.

  • 7.8% of Wyoming’s working population works in primary and secondary schools.

Wyoming is a good place for small businesses due to its stable economy. Wyoming has been steadily increasing its wealth in recent years, which bodes well for small businesses in the area. Additionally, Wyoming has a strong culture of tradition that benefits small businesses and encourages a "buy local" mentality.

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